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some people really don’t understand that part of being a sport fan is hating other teams

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Waking up and realizing real Madrid won against Bayern München


“I’m a skilful, dynamic and quick player; my strong point is going past opponents”.
Jesé arrived at the Real Madrid youth academy at the age of 14 and is currently one of the greatest talents in Spanish football. He is from Gran Canaria and always wanted to play for the Whites. Six years after his arrival, he is now a member of the first team and is starting to show that he is a top class footballer. Speed, creativity, power and intensity are the main features of this rough diamond. He has earned his place among the stars of Real Madrid thanks to his wonderful performances for Real Madrid Castilla last season. He broke the goal-scoring record of a Madrid legend and his own personal hero, Emilio Butragueño, by scoring 22 goals in the Second Division in a single season.

Hasta el Final

Real Madrid 1-0 Bayern Munich19’ Karim Benzema
Tottenham Hotspur Flag Counter