Cristiano Ronaldo jokes with a nervous Japanese fan to calm her down. [+]

do you think ronaldo is still the best player or would james blow cr7's records and fuck him up?

Well at the moment Cris is the best player in the world. I dont think James Will be better than Cris, he was Already exceptional when he was younger than James.



Irina Shayk gets all infatuated while talking about her boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo on “E!News” | 22-07-2014 | [+]
Interviewer: Now, you’re also dating one of THE sexiest guys in the world. Soccer-superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. You guys are gorgeous. Is he a romantic guy?
Irina: Yes, very. Well, sometimes I love it when he’s romantic and sometimes…like…it actually depends on my mood. So, he knows that.
Interviewer: Oh, he knows that?
Irina: *laughs*
Interviewer: Last quick question for today: Who’s the sexiest celebrity-guy? Besides your boyfriend!
Irina: Hmm…my boyfriend. He’s the only one.
Interviewer: He’s the only one? Awww, that’s so sweet.
Irina: *smiles*
Interviewer: Let me ask you…how do you not get jealous? Cause I mean, I have seen Cristiano here, having breakfast, once and all the ladies around were just staring at him. He couldn’t even eat his eggs. I imagine these things become a daily occurance then?
Irina: Well…you know, I think it’s good for a man to look around a little so he can appreciate what he has. You just have to be comfortable and drop all your insecurities. And I am very comfortable. Apart from that, if you’ve been dating for over 4 years, you simply have to trust each other. *smiles*

if they arent getting married soon, then i will organise the wedding myself. god its so cute how irina talks about cris!


also found thisimage

i’m finding a lot of gems in this folder

Welcome to Tottenham Hotspur, Michel Vorm!! 

There is no interview with Christian Eriksen without him Saying “for sure”


Steve Nash trains with Spurs (x)


How to be hot as fuck as 32 years old…
Level: Xabi Alonso


How to be hot as fuck as 32 years old…

Level: Xabi Alonso

Irina’s new Haircut looks really good!

Post WC Sadness

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